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"Theatre ReDefined" book chapter to be published in a Czech volume

The study "Hidden Continuity: Jan Mukařovský and Reconceptualisation of Czech Theatre after 1989" by Radka Kunderová to be published in the edited volume by the Czech Academy of Sciences.

News from Aug 31, 2021

"Theatre ReDefined" Principal Investigator Radka Kunderová contributed to the edited volume "Listopadové proměny" (November Changes) focused on the post-1989 developments in Czech literature and theatre. Her study "Utajená kontinuita: Jan Mukařovský a rekonceptualizace českého divadla po roce 1989" (Hidden Continuity: Jan Mukařovský and Reconceptualisation of Czech theatre after 1989) draws attention to a theretofore undetected phenomenon: the influence of the Prague School Structuralism thought on the debates of the Czech theatre community on re-shaping of the theatre’s role after 1989. The chapter highlights the influence of Jan Mukařovský’s theory of the aesthetic function on the thinking of Václav Königsmark, one of the leading theatre critics of the period. The collective volume will be soon published by the Institute of Czech Literature at the Czech Academy of Sciences.

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