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Radka Kunderová to teach a "Theatre ReDefined" seminar at the FUB

"Theatre ReDefined" Principal Investigator Dr. Radka Kunderová will teach a seminar “Theatre and Society in Transition“ at the Institute for Theatre Studies of the Freie Universität Berlin during the upcoming Winter term 2020/21.

News from Sep 29, 2020

Radka Kunderová 's “Theatre and Society in Transition“ seminar will focus on issues explored within the Theatre ReDefined project: How can the status of theatre and its aesthetics be redefined in times of societal transition? What happens to theatre when a communist regime ends and democracy is being re-instated in a society? And how does the inter-relation between theatre and the public spheres develop under such circumstances? 

Within the course, Radka Kunderová will introduce the post-1989 developments in theatre in the former East Germany and Czechoslovakia. Under her guidance, enrolled students will explore theatre’s changing aesthetics and reshaping of its relation to the political in both countries during the 1990s.

The weekly seminar will be realised witin the curriculum of the FUB Institute for Theatre Studies starting from November 4, 2020. The course will be taught online, also three physically present sessions are planned in case the Covid-19 pandemic allows. For the seminar’s syllabus, click here.

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