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“Theatre ReDefined” at a Prague conference

The conference “Polistopadové proměny: Česká a slovenská literatura v kontextu roku 1989 (Post-November Changes: Czech and Slovak Literature in the 1989 Context) hosted a „Theatre ReDefined” paper on October 31 2019.

News from Nov 14, 2019

In her paper “Václav Königsmark, Jan Mukařovský a hledání nové společenské funkce českého divadla po roce 1989” (Václav Königsmark, Jan Mukařovský and Searching for the New Social Function of Czech Theatre after 1989), Radka Kunderová drew attention to a theretofore undetected phenomenon: the influence of the Prague School Structuralism thought on the debates of the Czech theatre community on re-shaping of the theatre’s role after 1989. The paper highlighted the influence of Jan Mukařovský’s theory of the aesthetic function on the thinking of Václav Königsmark, one of the leading theatre critics of the period.

The conference was organized by the Czech Academy of Sciences at the Institute of Czech Literature and was held on October 30 and 31 2019 in Prague.

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